Short Wedding Film Sydney


Our Short Films are about 6 to 8 minutes long and depend on how much content we shoot. In this package we capture the best of your wedding or pre wedding film. Showing your love story or the day you tied the knot is all wrapped up beautifully into a short film, yours to remember forever.

Winery Wedding

Short Wedding Film

With this beautiful backdrop, Kate and Adrian get married in Silos Estate, Sydney. Silos Estate is located in a small but charming town Berry, which is in the southern Sydney. With a long history of over 150 years, Silos Estate offers great opportunities for vintage and rustic wedding experience. We filmed the amazing winery wedding with the traditional Super 8mm celluloid, and we are really happy with how it turned out to be as it right fits the rustic theme of their wedding. This wedding film includes a short interview, which is their pre-wedding session and it is a full day service among our various wedding film packages.

Bendooley Estate Wedding

Short Wedding Film

Jenny and Brian’s short wedding film brought us to Bendooley Estate. Jenny is a girl from Shanghai and Brian is from Guangxi, China. Due to their Chinese background, we were excited to highlight the traditional Chinese wedding elements, such as traditional tea ceremony and traditional Chinese wedding dress, into their short wedding film. In the pre-wedding session of their short wedding film, we interviewed them on the way they met and how they fell in love with each other, enriching their love story with the intriguing details.

Turkish Wedding

Short Wedding Film

Derya and Tuncay’s short wedding film tells the story of a Turkish style wedding. As a Turkish wedding combined with Turkish and Western wedding tradition, Derya and Tuncay’s wedding has a beautiful Turkish first look, which is the pick-up of the bride Derya at her house. We also recorded the lovely gift exchange in the morning. With the beautifully landscaped gardens with water features and perfectly designed rooms, the scenery offers every possibility for a sheer and elegant boutique wedding experience. When we were reviewing their wedding details the exterior shots stranded out and became the very special moment, it was a lovely day filming their beautiful wedding.